the low-down of a glorified storyteller

Writing stories and creating new worlds and perceptions is the best way to find your own way in the world.  I always aim to bring that mindset and energy into every film I am involved in, from initial conception to the final piece. 

I've both written and produced a range of genres such as Comedy, Drama and Documentary. Each of these explore different levels of the human experience, generating thought, laughter and joy. 

Being a Writer I have the privilege of telling stories, but combining that with Producing I am able to bring those story to life, and aid others in doing so as well in practical, innovative and creative ways. 

"let us in the room"

Throughout the work I do, I strive to create a platform for Women in Film, especially within the crews I assemble.  

In collaboration with Production company Lime 58, over 70% of the crew on films such as 'You Were Here' and Girl In The Shed were female, obtaining an 'F Rating'.  I aim for this to be a common occurrence not only in the films I produce, but to also inspire other productions to do the same. 

Recently I've made the decision to implement an 'Inclusion Rider' within all negotiations of future projects (Inspired by Frances McDormand)

I find it so important to create a platform for equality within this industry, as there are so many creative and talented women with the skill to create masterpieces, we just need to be given the opportunity.