Research & References

I wanted this brand to step apart from the vast market it is placing itself in, so I had to look into how it can tap into a certain emotion for the consumer, rater than just being an item in the household that is then forgotten about. 

By focusing around the idea of sustainability in both the design image and the brands role in society, it will then hopefully produce the emotion of 'wellbeing' and it will be a brand that is considered as 'relevant' in this current consumer culture. 

My key demographic is Gen z and millennials who have taken a step towards adopting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle (i.e embracing veganism or boycotting fast-fashion). 

By targeting these demographic groups it helps cement my brands own role within society and engage further people to think about the lifestyle changes that will be beneficial for them, and the planet.

It was important to undersytand the wants and desires of my targeted demographic. What is wanted more in this consumer culture is a brand that is multifaceted, something gives back or is in line with their own values and beliefs.

It was important to understand the changing nature of branding, and it's step away from simply being a design or a memorable logo, which is why through my branding going forward, the guidelines and beliefs of 'None Of Your Beeswax' will be enforced just as much as the design.


Design Proposal

Presentation of Branding strategy

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