Girl in the shed

Comedy Drama short, 2018

Credit: Writer & Producer

This story follows Fliss, desperately in love with her girlfriend, IVy, and she will try her hardest to keep the relationship alive. Only catch is... Ivy is dead and decomposing right in front of her.

*Currently on the festival circuit*



You Were Here

Web series, 2018

Credit: Producer

death brings everyone together, and then tears them apart, and then brings them all together again. Follow the story of three individuals exploring the world of love, loss and the awkwardness that is in-between.

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dan can save you

Comedy short: 2017

Credit: Writer & Associate Producer

Your local neighbourhood detective is here to save the day, and clean your guttering. Follow Detective Dan as he becomes the hero that you don't need, or deserve

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Documentary, 2016

credit: Producer & Researcher

Lammas is the first village in the uk to become completely self sufficient, giving back to the land they call home. But what is it like moving away from the hustle and bustle to a quiet haven in North Pembrokeshire?

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Documentary, 2018

Credit: Producer, Director & Editor

the Jubilee Sailing Trust is a charity that welcomes become of all abilities and disabilities to come aboard and learn how to sail a tall ship on the high seas. Allowing them to break away from the restrictions they face on their day to day life.

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