• Georgie Plant

A brief exploration into Colour Theory

So, I learnt something cool today, Colour Theory. Now, I had always been intrigued by how certain colours dictate a certain message or feeling. But this was more along the lines of Blue, made me feel sad. Red; normally I associated with Anger or Hunger. But colour is so much more than just the basic feelings you feel from them.

Especially when you factor into the role colour has with design. Certain brands can opt for colours that are more enticing, subtly influencing a consumer to view that brand as regal, calm, or even dynamic. Some brands have even taken ownership of colours, for instance McDonalds. Red and Yellow used together have now become infamously related to those Golden Arches. I find that fascinating that we can be almost controlled into associating something as simple as a particular shade or colour to such a huge enterprise. It’s why colour is so important, even down to how we choose to paint or walls in our houses, it tells people how we are feeling or what style we have. It tells a much bigger story.

I then began to use my research into working out how I could incorporate that into my designs. As I never really viewed colour being that important, but little did I know, it could actually make or break the success of my designs, and pretty much everything else, and since colour is one of the best means of expression, how could I further express the purpose of my app?

One design I will need to look into colour theory in a lot more depth is for my App for solo-travellers. I need to get across the idea and image of exploration, freedom and independence. Not only that, but I need to test what colours are best to use for users that may suffer with colour blindness or other visual impairments? I want my design to be as accessible as possible to add further to the idea of freedom and ability to travel wherever users want, without limitations. So it only makes sense that my design replicates that in every element.

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