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An extremely biased opinion on some Horror films you absolutely must see!

The topic of this post will be about, in my opinion, the only horror films you need to focus your time on at this moment. I am incredibly biased and have spent a lot of my life delving into the world of horror film and whatever form they take, they are a fascinating bit a cinema and a defining part of our culture stemming all the way back to the Hammer Horror craze in the 1950’s. You know the ones… ‘Dracula’ ‘The Curse of Frankenstein’. Horror films are great for many things, escapism, entertainment, proofs of bravery, the inevitable first-date material to score that kiss or a devastating rejection. It’s one the genres of cinema that is so versatile it can be scary, dramatic and hilarious all at the same time in some cases.

So, I have compiled a list of what I think are the horror films out there that you need to see (again I’m biased and it’s purely based on what I enjoy, and the majority of you would have probably watched them already, if that’s the case, why not have a re-watch? Or if you haven’t seen any of the ones I mention, branch out… you may find your new favourite film.) This list will contain films from a variety of sub-genres of horror; Gory & Campy, psychological and supernatural, so it’s quite well-rounded.  I will also include a rating system consisting of scores from MetaCritic, So, let’s get spooky.

Some of these movies are quite dark and gory, so if that is not something you enjoy please bare that in mind when watching the trailers.


Metacritic rating: 41%
Viewer rating: 91%

So, I don’t need a therapist to tell me that my innate fear of rollercoasters and tanning salons come straight from this film. I understand it is very irrational, but when you see how these people die, i.e burning to death or falling from a great height after a giant metal machine malfunctions, that changes you. But as disaster films go, it lives up to the reputation of them being god-awful but wildly enjoyable.

This is the third of the ‘Final Destination’ Franchise and consequently the best. Purely because it rings true with the campy and wild deaths of the first two, but upkeeps a sense of originality. Not only that, but the effects a lot of the time are practical, which shows off some low-key genius to filmmaking. Not only that, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead has a great crying face, and I love seeing teenagers acting like a bunch of dumb bitches, it makes me feel like my life is put together.

Ultimately, it’s super entertaining, cringey, gory and generates a good laugh here and there, and it also takes a risk and does something a little bit different in the horoscope, so props. It also teaches the valuable lesson that you can’t cheat death, because sooner or later, you will die by being impaled by a massive pole, or something like that.


Rotten Tomatoes rating: 60%
Viewer rating: 7.9%

Hostel revolves around the same premise of the majority of franchise horrors in the early 2000’s: make it as gory as possible and ask questions later. But it also makes you think twice about going on a ‘Gap Yah’ in eastern Europe. Why? You’ll most likely be a part of some elite hunting club where they burn your eyes out or torture you for money. Or you could find yourself… it’s an either/or situation.

But I really enjoy Hostel, to me it satisfies a lot of morbid curiosity that I have, so if you’re a fan of the more gory, batshit films, then give it a watch! Also, if someone asks you to go to some unknown Slavick country on a cute weekend away, tell them to fuck off and stay safe in your home, and just watch Hostel instead.


Rotten Tomatoes rating: 75%
Viewer rating: 87%

Leave it to Korea to churn out one of the most flawless horror films I’ve ever seen, it takes you through so many twists and turns you feel like you need a cuddle afterwards. It’s similar to the age old fairy tale, but it could also not be more different. It follows a young father-to-be who gets into a car crash and is rescued by a mysterious girl through the woods to her house, which is filled with sweets, cakes and the perfect parents wanting to look after him. Only issue is, he can’t find his way back home, or even escape.

That’s all I’ll say about the plot because there is so much more to discover that leaves you shocked, terrified and just so confused. But my God it’s a cracker of a film.


Rotten Tomatoes rating: 81%
Viewer rating: 79%

Okay, so I stumbled across this film by cheating, I watched the Ending Explained for this film before watching it (Which is a cracking Youtube channel especially if you dig horror films and want to see a more in-depth study of them). But when I came round to watching it, I was floored, it was so creepy, sad, and definitely made me want to ring my Mum afterwards. You never really know what’s coming next, but the Austrians know how to execute the perfect horror, without using copious amounts of fake blood. It’s not well known around the mainstream circuit but it’s definitely worth a watch.

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