• Georgie Plant

Experiences with Adobe XD Tutorials

Adobe XD is something I’d never really heard of before embarking on this MA. So, finding out I would need to be able to use it, and use it well enough to create an app prototype, I knew I needed to avoid my normal work attitude of figuring it out as I go along and research and follow tutorials on how to get the most out of the app.

I first started with completing my wire frames, making sure the layout and content were all secure. I then began to test out the wireframes by designing an initial layout on Adobe Illustrator. This gave me the opportunity to use this for Peer feedback, testing out the colour and typography. I found that by having the design and all elements decided before approaching the creation of the prototype, it would be much more beneficial than having to work out design elements on a software I wasn’t comfortable with.

The tutorials I decided to follow for initial knowledge and know how was ‘The Ultimate Guide to Adobe XD.’ which focused on creating the initial layout, creating and manipulation of artboards and importing elements externally. This I needed to know because i could then transfer my original font design straight over from Illustrator without having to create a new element on XD.

I found this tutorial brilliant to help me figure out the basics of creating the layout, and adding existing elements to my prototype. Purely because it relaxed my approach to creating the prototype, as I didn’t need to compromise my design or use up my time and resources creating new designs from scratch. My only criticism was that the tutorial was predominantly text-based, which did slow down my learning, causing several mistakes.

I then decided to search for video tutorials that I could follow as I go. Obviously the nature of video tutorials mean that the subject matter was different from my own. So I opted to use these tutorials if I needed to create a specific factor on my own design. This came to use when I needed to learn how to create drop-down menus. The tutorial I used for this was; ‘Advanced prototyping using buttons & dropdown menus - UI/UX & Web Design using Adobe XD’ which I found on Youtube. The video was only a minute long, so it was simple and easy to follow.

I found through my research into various tutorials, that a lot of them covered elements I didn’t need in my design, so after I has grasped the basics of the software, I found it much more beneficial to search for specific instructions on how to create elements I needed, which improved my confidence and approach towards making my prototype.

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