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Ramblings on the Apocalpyse

Well, this sucks a bit doesn’t it?

Not going to lie, once I got past the initial dread and fear of the thought of being trapped inside with my own thoughts, I started to have a bit of an internal panic. I was worried about my job (rightly so), worried about finances, how the heck was I gonna feed my dog??!! And yeah I’m still worrying about that. And it doesn’t take a genius to work out I'm quite an anxious person. If anything, me saying that is the biggest understatement ever uttered. I don’t like the fact that so much is now out of my control. I’m scared for the world. Mainly because it’s mostly populated by idiots who panic buy and share stupid stuff on facebook.

No Karen, putting chopped up apples in every corner of your house will not prevent you from catching the virus. So shut up.

ANYWAY. It’s Day ??? of self-isolation/quarantine/lockdown and I’ve been wearing a delightful mixture of Captain Marvel Pj’s or cargo pants. Mainly in case there is a sudden apocalypse and I have sensible trousers on with deep enough pockets. I miss the pub, I miss having money, I miss McDonalds, okay?! Most of my days have been spent trying to do yoga in the morning (mad out of character- I’m aware. It’s okay, I look like a dick anyway.), taking advantage of the small strip of sunlight my back garden provides, knitting (I’ve got a blanket on the go), and watching Heroes. So far, no breakdown, well apart from when I was let go from my job. But that’s neither here nor there and if I think about it anymore I will be crying fully-clothed in the bath.

I’m currently battling with what actually to do? Obviously I could do uni work… who said that? Not me. I could also take this time to create a spell-binding change in the world, like my main man Newton who discovered Gravity when he was in isolation, however I’m not Newton because I give myself a proud pat on the back whenever I do the washing up. I could write? Again, who keeps saying that?

What I’ve realised is that all of the above is okay to do and perfectly acceptable, you can do everything or nothing at all, it’s your pandemic, you do you. It is a bit weird though, living through a pandemic that has affected us all so much, there’s so much love coming through, communities pulling together and actually helping each other, which is nice! Then the other half I’m assuming or pretty happy just playing Animal Crossing?

There’s so much pressure to be creative, and I’m putting all of that on myself because I’m an idiot, I want to use this time to actually focus on doing stuff I want to do, but at the same time, I’m perfectly content curling up with my dog on the recliner whilst watching Zachary Quinto be all buff and a serial killer. I just need to combine those two together and maybe write something about Zachary Quinto being all buff and a serial killer.

I’ve just fixed my problem. Wonderful.

Remember, stay safe, wash your damn hands and enjoy the apocalypse!

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